Written Works - Linda Mackay

Written Works

‘Conversations’ | Fibre Art Newsletter June 2019 issue Feature

"Textile Memories" | FAN Newsletter Editorial

"Art and Function" | FAN Newsletter Editorial

Peppi's Eulogy

"Looking For Larry" | FAN Newsletter Editorial

Remembering Sheila Niles

Below are a selection of Linda's written works, articles, and writeups on her work.

Exploring the Dialog of Layers, Push-pull, and Integration

Self Speak, Quotes, and Mantras

Beauties of the Land

Fibre Arts Network article

Alberta Home & Gardens - Top of the Hill

Gardens West magazine article "Living on the Wild Side"

Gardening Under the Arch

I had an intruder today

Country Lane Quilters 25 Year Anniversary Program

Eulogy for Dad

Eulogy for Gracie

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